Is magic a power or a trick

Is Magic A Power Or A Trick? How Are Magicians Doing It?

Traditionally, magic is a term used to describe any situation or performance that can be considered to be impossible or supernatural. Fortunately, in the present times, the definition and use of the word ‘magic’ has diversified and modified according to different situations, conditions, acts and performances.

Even today, different people have different definitions and understandings of magic. Some still associate it with numerous supernatural and unnatural activities and powers. While there are many people who merely consider ‘magic’ to be nothing more than well-practised, elusive and effective tricks and illusions.

Effective Tricks and Illusions

But all of this begs the question, what exactly is magic? Is it truly some sort of superpower, or are they just tricks?

In ancient times, there were people who believed that magic was indeed a form of superpower that only some selected individuals were born with. It is also a mind-reading magic technique that magicians would use to engage with the audience. While there are still some people who believe the same, the majority of the population does not, as such activities would not have a scientific and rational basis.

The magic that most of us are familiar with, the one that we see magicians performing in magic shows and any ‘magic’ that our friends would show us, is not in any way or form associated with the supernatural. They are well-practised tricks and techniques that have been rigorously and dedicatedly by the magicians until they have become experts of their tricks. These magicians work and practice tirelessly and effectively to reach the level of expertise required by any individual to effortlessly and efficiently trick people and make them believe in the illusions and tricks that are being performed in front of them.

Magicians Practice and Work Tirelessly

As for how the magicians perform these acts and the art of magic, the answer is quite simple. They practice their tricks to the point of perfection. And magicians do not only perform their magic tricks. These individuals are also experts in controlling and manipulating the attention of their viewers as well as their perception of the stimuli being presented in front of their eyes.

Each trick has its secrets. There is always a meaning and purpose to every move and act of the magician. All of it is done so that the magic trick can be performed without the audience and viewers getting the gist of its secrets and only the illusion created by the magician is visible and perceived by any and every person who is watching the magic show.


Questions to ask before Booking a cleaning service

Hiring a cleaning service is a trust-related task. Many peoples are there who lost their money by booking the wrong cleaning services for their cleaning process. Even some worst cases are available according London business news, some end of tenancy cleaning services providers damage the valuable things in their client place while cleaning.

To avoid this here we listed some questions that help to hire a proper cleaning company for your property.

Your company is  Insured?

Only a proper insured company brings good results on cleaning. An insured company will use the right cleaning products. Always verify the insurance details of the company and ask them the procedure and formalities of if any damage occurs while cleaning your property.

All your employees are qualified and experienced?

Background verification of the employees is a must to avoid black marked people from entering your place. only a professional cleaning company provides you the details and id proof of their staff. Before booking a cleaning service, check the experience and details of the cleaning team.

Do you have a proper checklist for cleaning?

Different people have different needs for cleaning services. You should know about what services you are paying for? For that ask them a proper cleaning checklist for cleaning your place and then go for booking.

Do you have any quality assurance for cleaning?

Always check for the quality of services while you are booking a cleaning company. Ask them how long the service will last? and if you are not satisfied with the quality of their service, you have all rights to claim your payment.

Electrical Safety Certificate 

What is an EICR?

The Electrical Inspection Condition Report, or Electrical Safety Certificate, is the inspection of an electrical system and installation. The inspection has been brought to improve health and safety and is designed to assess the condition of the system and identify any defects which have the potential to be dangerous.

What are the legal requirements? 

The regulations in relation to electrical reports have changed recently so it is vital to be aware of the changes and ensure you are fully compliant. The most recent changes coming into force on 1st June 2020, so landlords seeking to privately let their property, now require an Electrical Safety Certificate.

Can I get a discount for multiple bookings

If you are a landlord looking to start a new tenancy or renew an existing one, you must now produce a ‘satisfactory’ electrical report before the tenants can move in. For those with tenants already in place, then you have until 1 April 2021 in order to provide a valid report.

Currently, private homeowners are not legally obliged to have one, however, it is recommended for both your good health and safety, as well as peace of mind.

Who is qualified to carry out the report? 

Before booking an electrical safety certificate, you must ensure that the person is fully qualified. The inspection must be carried out by a qualified electrician who is registered with approved scheme providers. This ensures their compliance with IET 18th Edition which is the latest safety standard in the sector.

How long are EICRs valid for

Some of the most commonly recognised accreditation bodies in the UK are Elecsa, Napit, Stroma and NICEIC. It is recommended that you ask the contractor which scheme they are approved with before allowing a contractor to start work on your property. For further peace of mind, you can verify their credentials on the website of the accrediting body.

How long does the inspection take? 

Typically this will depend on the size of the property and the number of circuits in the system. Smaller properties can take approximately 60-90 minutes. Larger properties can take a lot longer, sometimes as much as 4-5 hours. If the installation is complex, or if the electrician discovers any issues, the length of the inspection can be extended.

How long does the inspection take

How long are EICRs valid for? 

The current guidelines recommend that private homeowners have the report renewed every ten years. For landlords, current legislation states that the report is valid for five years.

Can you fail the inspection? 

Yes you can. If you wish to move tenants into a property, it must be issued with a ‘satisfactory’ report. In older properties, there may be some elements that do not conform to the current standards. If this is the case, the electrical engineer will duly note which part of your installation does not meet the standard and why.

What are the legal requirements

The faults in the system will be marked using these codes;

  • C1 – ‘danger is present’, risk of injury is likely and immediate action is required.
  • C2 – potentially dangerous and remedial action is needed urgently.
  • C3* – improvement of your electrical system is recommended. *A C3 is the only code that can appear on a report and still pass the test.

What happens if I fail? 

If the property does not yield a ‘satisfactory’ report then you have 28 days to address the issues, have any remedial works carried out and a new electrical safety certificate issued. Upon issue of the new certificate, you have a further 28 days to provide it to the tenants.

Where can I book an electrical safety certificate

What does an EICR cost? 

Prices for an electrical safety certificate vary depending on the size of the property and the number of circuits within the installation.

Can I get a discount for multiple bookings? 

Absolutely. MyConstructor is highly experienced in dealing with managing agents, estate agents and multi property landlords. Your time is valuable and we recognise the appeal of using one company for all your maintenance needs – we reflect that in our pricing for block bookings.

What is an EICR

Simply get in touch, let us know the number of properties you need to book, the number of bedrooms and we will come back to you with even better rates than listed! We can even liaise with your agents or tenants to arrange access.

Where can I book an electrical safety certificate?

MyConstructor is a price comparison booking platform providing you with access to a countrywide network of fully qualified electricians. The competitive marketplace nature of the website encourages our engineers to offer you their best possible rates in order to win your business! You can book online anytime, 24/7, just click here, enter the postcode, number of bedrooms and then view a selection of qualified local electricians. You can also read genuine customer reviews and view availability so you can book the most convenient time.

How to get rid of Pests in stored foods

Pests are commonly found in stored food products. If you leave any foods in an open space it covers a huge number of pests. They can infest various kinds of stored food products like wheat, grains, rice, nuts, seeds, dry fruits, cereals.

The pests in the stored foods create health issues in both houses and in business-like bakeries, restaurants, food product stores. So, it ends in the economic loss for the food business persons.

Due to the tiny size, identifying the pests are sometimes at risk and it creates a large number of business loss and also it causes damage to the machinery items.

Major losses in Food Storage

Contamination of a large number of stored foods results in the loss of value stocks.

Cause damage to machinery items due to the build-up of food products, mostly in the baking industry

Grain warming— pests affect the stored grains and produce moisture and it ends in the mold growth, it entirely affects the germination process.

How to find the pests in food

It’s a difficult process to find the pests in your cabinets due to its size. Once it comes into your food products it entirely damages the whole foods stored in your place. In case the pest affects foods in your home, we can throw out the stored food like flour or sugar but when comes to business it causes the big financial loss for the damaged food products.

Common signs of pests in food

Here is the list of early signs of pests in the stored food products, which include, live or dead insects, the foundation of larvae or pupae, webbing.  Cracks around the food shelves and webbing outside the bags or packets of food products

Infestation on machinery products like rodents and webbing of roaches or spiders.

You can identify with the smell of pests arises on the cabinet sides while crossing

Types of food that attracts pests

You can easily find the pests on these kinds of stored products

  • Grains stored over the month
  • Dry fruits and nuts
  • Millets and cereal products
  • Cheese and dairy products
  • Sweets
  • Meat and any other dried products
  • Dry ginger, cucumber, and some vegetables

Pest prevention methods in stored Products

The pests infest your stored food products mostly during the cold temperatures, here we listed some preventative methods to get rid of these pests from your food products.

Temperature control – Always maintain the temperature for stored products or below 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintain the high standards of sanitation and housekeeping. Clean up all the unwanted food materials and storage products.

Keep the stocked food products away from the moisture areas and the walls.

Keep raw materials in proper packaging – Keep all your raw materials for food in proper packaging, in an airtight container-

Fit the insect control screens or screen doors – to ensure that all your food products are maintained in proper condition.

Waste management – ensure to clean all processed food and don’t mix any wasted food products with newly boughed products. If you found any pest in a small portion of foods, immediately clear out all the storage foods to avoid the term of spreading.

Contact Pest Exterminators (here) for best pest control services in London.

How to Install EE Mobile Signal Booster

Are you one of those guys who often has to climb up the trees, move close to the windows or find weird positions just to get a good signal to make an important phone call? You must admit that after some time, it gets daunting. How about you install an EE mobile signal booster and bid all your poor signal problems goodbye?

Poor reception is the source of endless headache for many. But unbeknownst to many, when you don’t have good reception in your home, place of work or car, an EE mobile phone signal booster is your ticket to clear voice, precise and uninterrupted calls.

But how do you go about installing an EE booster? Read on to find out.

How to install an EE mobile signal booster


An EE phone signal booster is quite easy to install. Anybody can do it. All you need is some experience installing different electronics.

The process entails connecting the outdoor antenna to the booster. You do this only using coaxial cables. Go on to hoist the external antenna on your roof or at a high point outside. Then link the cables to the indoor antenna and mount it on that corner of your house where there are no obstacles. Switch everything on for a test run and begin to enjoy unlimited stronger signals.

Now you can make calls whenever you want. You can send texts at the comfort of your bed or couch without having to move out or close to the window for it to go through.

Tips to help you during installation

EE mobile signal installation

The most difficult hurdle many face when installing an EE mobile signal booster is finding the ideal position to set up their antenna.

  • Remember that the main purpose of an external antenna is to capture weak signals. It, therefore, makes sense when you set up your outdoor antenna in an open space. Not too close to the trees or against a huge wall or other barriers.
  • Most EE signal boosters have an LCD. Use this display to find the strongest signal. You could also check on your phone signal bars to see at which point the antenna capturers the strongest signals.
  • Point your antenna towards the nearest tower to receive the strongest signal and the best sound quality.

Not sure whether or not you’re doing a good job of installing your EE mobile signal booster? How about leaving it to the professionals? Call any certified EE phone signal booster installer and save yourself all the guesswork. They are better experienced and best placed to do an excellent job.