How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous materials are called hazardous, not just due to their potential to cause diseases to humans; they also do great harm to the environment. Improper disposal of hazardous or toxic waste can easily land you in jail, or with a hefty fine. Most countries and cities have rules and guidelines for disposing of this kind of waste. As a home owner, a commercial building owner, or an industry supervisor; there are times you’ll find yourself with much toxic waste that needs to be correctly disposed of.

Before hiring a waste clearance London company, please read this information first!

Some of the most common hazardous waste includes; plastics and polythene bags, chemicals, car and brake oils, old mobile phones and electronics, solvents, old car batteries, etc.

Which is the best way to dispose of your hazardous waste?

  • Clearly, the best way to dispose of Hazardous waste is by hiring the services of a waste clearance company.
  • Waste clearance companies tend to be better equipped with the manpower and equipment to handle all manner of toxic waste. Mind you, some hazardous waste like sulfuric acid will require one to have the right protective clothing.
  • Another major benefit of hiring the services of a waste clearance company is that most of them tend to be licensed and authorized to handle such waste.
  • When a waste clearance company is licensed and authorized to collect hazardous waste, it means that the authorities have evaluated their means of disposal and found them to be safe and effective.
  • A good waste clearance company will even offer you the bins to help you separately compile the hazardous waste, and store it somewhere awaiting collection.


Never attempt to dispose of hazardous material by yourself, or combine it with the regular, ordinary waste. Even professionals will advice you that the best thing is to have the hazardous waste put separately from the other types of waste.