How to Install EE Mobile Signal Booster

Are you one of those guys who often has to climb up the trees, move close to the windows or find weird positions just to get a good signal to make an important phone call? You must admit that after some time, it gets daunting. How about you install an EE mobile signal booster and bid all your poor signal problems goodbye?

Poor reception is the source of endless headache for many. But unbeknownst to many, when you don’t have good reception in your home, place of work or car, an EE mobile phone signal booster is your ticket to clear voice, precise and uninterrupted calls.

But how do you go about installing an EE booster? Read on to find out.

How to install an EE mobile signal booster


An EE phone signal booster is quite easy to install. Anybody can do it. All you need is some experience installing different electronics.

The process entails connecting the outdoor antenna to the booster. You do this only using coaxial cables. Go on to hoist the external antenna on your roof or at a high point outside. Then link the cables to the indoor antenna and mount it on that corner of your house where there are no obstacles. Switch everything on for a test run and begin to enjoy unlimited stronger signals.

Now you can make calls whenever you want. You can send texts at the comfort of your bed or couch without having to move out or close to the window for it to go through.

Tips to help you during installation

EE mobile signal installation

The most difficult hurdle many face when installing an EE mobile signal booster is finding the ideal position to set up their antenna.

  • Remember that the main purpose of an external antenna is to capture weak signals. It, therefore, makes sense when you set up your outdoor antenna in an open space. Not too close to the trees or against a huge wall or other barriers.
  • Most EE signal boosters have an LCD. Use this display to find the strongest signal. You could also check on your phone signal bars to see at which point the antenna capturers the strongest signals.
  • Point your antenna towards the nearest tower to receive the strongest signal and the best sound quality.

Not sure whether or not you’re doing a good job of installing your EE mobile signal booster? How about leaving it to the professionals? Call any certified EE phone signal booster installer and save yourself all the guesswork. They are better experienced and best placed to do an excellent job.