Top 5 games that you can play during a beach vacation

We seriously doubt the credibility of people who do not love beaches? We mean, who wouldn’t love to bask under the sun, sip on a cool drink and chill facing the beautiful sea? A beach holiday is something we all crave for! Not just adults, even kids love it, right?

So, while you plan a beach holiday, apart from buying beachwear like bikinis and swimsuits, you’d also love to purchase some games which you could play with your friends, family and kids while you’re there. You could buy these stuff from e-commerce websites! Not only do you get to buy items at cheap rates which indirectly add to your saving, but you get quality stuff too.

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To keep yourself entertained on the beach, you can play various games with your friends and family including your kids. The best part is if you’re playing alone, there are high chances of making new friends on the beach as well! How cool is that?

Here we have shared ideas for 5 different games that you can play when on a beach vacation!

  1. The evergreen ‘cards.’

Simple to carry, readily available, a deck of cards is a favourite amongst adults! The light-weighted cards easily fit into a corner of your travelling bag, and the best part is you can play a hell lot of games using the same deck of cards! You can also bet on money while playing with friends to make the games more interesting. Some popular card games include Hand & Foot, Poker, and 500 Rummy! Can nothing be a better way to pass the time on the beach and still stay entertained, right?

top 5 games in beach

  1. Tidal Ball Beach Game

This fun game is a combination of Bocce Ball, Horseshoes and Corn hole and you are inevitably going to love it! Meant for adults, it is a game designed to be played by four people. The best part? You can play holding a glass of beer (or any other drink) on the one hand also! What can be better than that on a beach? All you have to do is, split into a team of 2 and throw the ball from opposite sides. Then for throwing the Tidal ball into the hole, you get 3 points and 1 point when the ball lands in the trench. The Tidal ball is also very easy to carry!

  1. Water relay

Kids love relay races, especially the conventional one that is played with eggs and spoons. Well, this one is the beachy version! All you need is a beach bucket and a plastic cup for each child. Then set the beach buckets on the sand in a row, and make your kids run to the water and fill their cups and then run back again to empty the cups filled with water in the buckets! The first to fill their buckets in this manner wins! This can also be played as a team game with the kids doing the same in pairs.

  1. Frisbee toss

The most common thing that you find on a beach is a Frisbee! No reason not to see it because it is so much fun to play with. Not just kids, even adults love it! You can play various games with the Frisbee including Frisbee Bocce, 500 up, Tic-Tac throw, or can merely play catch with it. This is the most basic outdoor game that can keep you hooked for long hours at a stretch.

  1. Beach golf

Played mainly on sandy beaches, this is a fun variation of the basic golf game. There are two players per team who have to reach the final hole which would be located about two km away by hitting as few strokes as possible every time. All they have to do is hit the soft polyurethane/plastic ball with a classic/cheap golf club until it reaches the final hole dug by you. You can add a few simple hazards on the way to make the game more challenging!