4 Essential Documents landlord has to submit while renting property

People who are thinking about renting out the property should keep in mind that they have to keep themselves ready with the documents. Actually, you have to submit the documents with the tenant. landlordWithout having complete documents you just can’t give the property on rent. So it will be perfect if you will have all the up to date documents. That should include the certificates and paperwork. So yes, here in this article we are discussing about documents that landlords should submit while renting out the property.

1:) Documents related to the security deposit:

The first thing that is very important for the landlord is to keep the amount of deposit safely with the tenancy deposit scheme that must be government-backed. Actually, you should know that you have to deposit the money within 3 months otherwise you will be liable to return the deposit to the tenant. Here we are mentioning the information that you need in writing for fulfilling deposit paperwork:

  • First of all you have to write down the name and contact details of the tenant and the landlord. Don’t forget to mention the name of third parties if you have any.
  • Other than that, you are liable to mention the details about the deposit money that you have received. So write about the amount of money, where you kept it, when you will return it and who have given it to you.
  • Other than that it is also very important to mention the conditions under which tenant have submitted the deposit.

2:) Documents related to annual Electrical checks:

Another important document that landlord should have before renting out the property is documents related to annual electricity checks. Most people don’t know why it is important to hire electrician to annually check the electrical appliances. So that’s why firstly they should know that it is a compliance document issued by a licensed electrician who will perform all the maintenance and testing work of electricity. This is a legal requirement issued within 30 days of finishing the electrical work of a new house, apartment or building.

3:) Documents related to Safety Certificate:

Another document that you need to submit to the tenant will be the safety certificates that you have. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to make the house safe and secure and for this you are liable to get the gas safety certificate or fire alarm certificates. That’s given by the registered technician who will help you to do proper maintenance of home’s security systems. Keep in mind that you have to provide all this information to the tenants.

 4:) Documents related to EPC Certificate:

Next document that you should have while renting out the property is to get the EPC certificate. As it will indicate how energy efficient your property is. Both domestic and commercial properties are liable to get this certificate. But for commercial properties, it’s known as NDEPC (Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificate). Actually, people are liable to get the EPC/NDEPC for their properties and in return they will get rated from A to E. That will indicate how much energy efficient their house is.



What is End of Tenancy Cleaning in London & 5 Mistakes you should never make

Cleaning your property when moving in or out can be a daunting task. While cleaning the premises at the end of occupancy, you may commit few mistakes due to inexperience, ignorance, or lack of knowledge. Hence, it is prudent to hire professionals to carry out all the cleaning since they’re more skilled, more experienced. EOT Cleaning is a good example, they have experience that spans many years, offering quality end of tenancy cleaning services to Londoners. Have a look at common mistakes that most people make during an end of tenancy cleaning;

  • Lack of a Methodical Approach:

A blind approach to cleaning can be a disaster for the home. You will never know what has been cleaned, what has been left out, what to start with, and so on. Trying to lower your cleaning costs when relocating may seem reasonable.  However, a DIY approach to the end of tenancy cleaning may result up in a huge letdown. It is a challenging job that involves a lot of manpower, equipment, and experience than your usual daily or general cleaning.  Professional end of tenancy cleaning companies can handle the job much better. Such a company has the manpower, tools, and equipment to handle the job faster and more thoroughly. If high windows on the top floor of an apartment, for instance require cleaning, there are cleaners experienced for such a task and the climbing equipment for it.

  • Not calculating Time and Energy:

We have to know the amount of time spent to clean the rooms and energy spent on it. It is also important that cleaning must not interfere with your busy schedules; professional cleaners are best placed to handle the cleaning. It may save you a lot of time and energy since expert cleaners know exactly what they are getting into and how to do it.

  • Failing to vet the cleaning company

Bogus cleaning services will often offer very low prices to entice clients; but the cheapest cleaning companies will rarely have the best services since they compromise on some areas. Dubious cleaning services will employ unskilled workers, use sub-standard cleaning products and equipment and most aren’t even insured. Some people may make the mistake of hiring the first cheap cleaning service they find in the classifieds. However, you should compare several options in the market and pick the one that passes your vetting.

  • A vague scope of work

Failing to give clear instructions to the end of tenancy cleaning company means that the cleaning crews work by what they think is right. They might use a checklist that is not appropriate for your unit. You might forget to include some tasks on the list hence end up with an unfinished project. Always write down a list of tasks and give it to the cleaning crews so that you are sure nothing is left out.

  • Using wrong Cleaning products;

end-of-tenancy-cleaningIt is important to check the cleaning products before using them to clean. Professional end of tenancy cleaners like EOT does not use harmful cleaning products; all their products are eco friendly and safe to the users and environment at large. Most Chemicals contain strong elements that may damage your carpet, upholstery, furniture, and discolour them or make them fade faster. Others leave behind strong odours that will lead to blocked noses especially for those with allergies and asthma.


For all your end of tenancy cleaning needs in London, there’s only one company that never disappoints; they are highly professional, punctual, and affordable. EOT Cleaning are the real pros of end of tenancy cleaning, talk to their customer care team today and be guided forward. Save yourself from these 5 mistakes by hiring a professional and reputable cleaning company.