To protect your rights at work hire an employment lawyer

Employment-LawUpon the signing of a contract of service an employee will begin to enjoy certain rights and privileges which would be actionable in a court of law should either one of them be violated by the employer. The protection and safeguarding of one’s rights within the workplace will be regulated by the laws of the land and in this case labour law; a sphere in the law which brings to light the relationship between an employer and employee.

Expert and well trained employment solicitors London would be in far greater position than a normal attorney to provide you with expert legal advice on a number of pressing issues that could arise in the workplace. Perhaps the most basic of right is the right to a fair salary or wages. Now in the event that the contractual amount laid down in an employee’s contract of service is not awarded by the employer, an employee reserves the right to sue in a court of law. This is where obtaining the services of a competent labour lawyer would be of paramount importance.

Going into more detail within the field of employment, pregnant mothers are entitled as per statutory regulations to a number of days which is categorized as maternity leave primarily for the purpose of child bearing. An employee is entitled to his or her fair share of leave as will be mentioned in a contract of service and this too would be read along the lines of a statutory duty that must be given effect to by every employer.

Providing adequate compensation for additional work hours is also one of the rights that can be claimed by an employee. Evils such as sexual harassment and bullying are vehemently objected to and looked at quite severely in the event such a course of action is deemed necessary. An employment lawyer in a similar situation would be able to help employees who are faced with such forms of mistreatment and offer them legal advice and if needed legal representation for the sake of protecting one’s rights that are enshrined in legislation.