House clearance and probate valuation in Chelsea – Tips

Death is a necessary end and one time or the other; we will lose those closest to us. When someone dies, those who are left behind to execute the will have an obligation to identify all the assets left behind, as well as their worth or value. This form of valuation where a deceased’s estate is valued is known as a probate valuation. If you wish to have a probate valuation done in Chelsea, then below are some things you should always have at your fingertips if your planing a house clearance chelsea.


To start with, you must start by knowing or identifying the actual assets that will need to be valued;

  • You can conduct an estimate valuation of the assets, or ask the estate agent to help you get an informal valuation to guide you.
  • If the deceased owned property or a house jointly with someone else, only the deceased’s share will be valued or considered for valuation.
  • It is prudent to notify the mortgage lender if the house in question was acquired through a mortgage lender.
  • One is also advised to talk to the deceased’s bank, and attach a copy of their death certificate.
  • Once the bank learns of the deceased’s death, they should stop paying any cheques or debits related to them.
  • Rather than having the assets valued differently, for example the real estate differently, the car differently, jewelry, etc., why not get a probate valuer once and for all?
  • A probate valuer in Chelsea will do a holistic valuation of all property and save you much time and resources. Good probate valuers will even advice you on little things you can do to increase the value of the property left behind after london house clearance.
  • For example, you can repaint old, peeling off walls with new paint. Damaged door handles, window glasses, faucets, these can be repaired so that the value of the house is boosted upwards.

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