Questions to ask before Booking a cleaning service

Hiring a cleaning service is a trust-related task. Many peoples are there who lost their money by booking the wrong cleaning services for their cleaning process. Even some worst cases are available according London business news, some end of tenancy cleaning services providers damage the valuable things in their client place while cleaning.

To avoid this here we listed some questions that help to hire a proper cleaning company for your property.

Your company is  Insured?

Only a proper insured company brings good results on cleaning. An insured company will use the right cleaning products. Always verify the insurance details of the company and ask them the procedure and formalities of if any damage occurs while cleaning your property.

All your employees are qualified and experienced?

Background verification of the employees is a must to avoid black marked people from entering your place. only a professional cleaning company provides you the details and id proof of their staff. Before booking a cleaning service, check the experience and details of the cleaning team.

Do you have a proper checklist for cleaning?

Different people have different needs for cleaning services. You should know about what services you are paying for? For that ask them a proper cleaning checklist for cleaning your place and then go for booking.

Do you have any quality assurance for cleaning?

Always check for the quality of services while you are booking a cleaning company. Ask them how long the service will last? and if you are not satisfied with the quality of their service, you have all rights to claim your payment.